Good Planning. Better Outcomes.

When the situation arose to repurpose a disused mine site into a modern resource recovery park, the BMI team knew it was an opportunity to further invest in the sustainable waste management movement while continually transitioning to the circular economy. Drawing from past successes and through progressive thinking, we will now build the Ipswich Recycling Park with a clear vision to reclaim, recycle and reuse waste through safer, lower-impact and more eco-friendly pathways. This comprehensive approach aligns with BMI’s goal to be a flagship example of sustainable and integrated development within the Ipswich City community.

BMI is committed to providing sustainable practices, revolutionary solutions and consistent improvement in recycling, resource reuse and resource recovery.

This interactive website will provide regular updates on the progress of the Ipswich Recycling Park and incorporates an easy-to-use registration page for you to ask valuable questions or provide feedback the BMI team.

We hope it’s an informative and helpful tool you can consult as we move towards 2026 with the local Ipswich community.